Monday, January 20, 2014

Truly Awesome Homemade Pizza

Throughout the annals of history, there has been one constant.  There has been one food that has withstood the test of time, permeating all cultures and all people.  That food is pizza.  (I don't want to hear any garbage about how there are plenty of cultures that don't eat pizza.  They would if they knew how delicious it is, so just go ahead and try to dispute that impeccable logic.)

If pizza is amazing (and it is), and homemade food is amazing (and it is) what if the two came together?  Could there be any greater joy?  I say unto you, nay.

The other night, we put that joy to the test.  We had some friends over and made homemade pizzas.  It was truly awesome.

We learned a few important things, the two main ones being that homemade pizza is awesome, and that I'm a terrible photographer.

Look at the joy that homemade pizza brings to David.  This picture is undeniable proof that homemade pizza is awesome.
Here is David presenting his completed pizza.  His face isn't that blurry in real life, that was courtesy of the photographer.

Here is Robyn rolling the dough.  But don't worry, the photographer made sure that you can't see what she's rolling.

Here is Wendy, posing with her completed masterpiece.  The photographer made sure that the pizza was behind a roll of paper towels.
So there you have it.  I have proven my case.  Homemade pizza is truly awesome, and I'm a truly terrible photographer.  Your argument is invalid.

A Fever, Jammies and True Love

I don't get sick very often, and when I do, it's usually Robyn's fault.

That may sound harsh, but it's the truth.  I can count on getting sick once a year, and it's always in September, right after the beginning of school.  Robyn meets her new class, and they always introduce her to brand new diseases.  Robyn has some sort of heroic immune system that allows her to not actually get sick, while still keeping the diseases strong enough to come home and infest me.

This past week (note from Robyn: This was actually two weeks ago, thus it has been a while since I last posted on this blog, we have been in recovery mode for a while) was an exception to the rule of all diseases being Robyn's fault.  I'm not really sure whose fault it was, but they should definitely be punished.

The symptoms started out pretty basic.  First, I just got really cold.  I really don't get cold very often, but this sickness came with some serious chills.

At first I thought that part of it was kind of fun.  I got to put on warm, snuggly jammies.  I've always been jealous of the idea of jammies, because being all snuggly sounds fabulous.  But, in actual practice, jammies make me much too hot and smuffed.

Robyn was so excited that I was wearing jammies that she had to take a picture.  If you can't tell, my fists are clenched because I'm shivering.

Robyn also really enjoyed this phase because it meant I cranked up the heat.  Basically, when I get sick my body functions just like Robyn's does normally.  (At least when it comes to its ability to stay warm.)

But then the less fun parts came.  The swollen sinuses, the cough that never ends and feels like it's tearing apart my insides, the achey muscles, the fever that feels like it's frying my brain and my eyeballs.  Basically, it's not awesome.

Yesterday, Robyn even convinced me to stay home from work.  I don't usually stay home when I'm sick.  I figure my job consists of sitting at a computer, it doesn't require that much physical exertion.  But this one really had me wiped out.  And I think the extra rest really helped me recover faster.

Then it snowed.  I figured I'd had a full day of rest.  I could totally handle shoveling the sidewalk.  Normally, it's a task that takes me 20 minutes tops.  But I got out there and was able to take about 2 scoops before needing to rest.  Plus, my cough was getting worse being out in the cold.  But Robyn got home from work while I was out there giving it my best shot.  She sent me inside and said she would do it.  That is true love.

But don't worry, even in my weakened state, I still thought to make an animated gif of her shoveling prowess.
Well, now comes the part where we receive proof that she didn't give this disease to me.  This morning she was complaining of not feeling well, and now she can't even get out of bed.  That means not only did she not infect me in the first place, but I infected her.  Now I'm the one who should be punished.

Remember how it made me super cold, even though I never get cold?  Remember how Robyn is always cold?  What do you think this disease that gives major chills does to someone who is always cold?

It's my turn to show true love.

Take a good long look, because my thermostat will never look like this again.