Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Miracle of the Peanut Butter Egg

Easter is in about a week.  There is a miracle that occurs every year around Easter time.  This is not to be confused with the miracle that we are celebrating at Easter time.  This is more along the lines of one of those things I really like that I call a miracle, to make it more dramatic.  I'm glad we cleared that up.

But let me be clear, this is the best miracle that will happen this year.  (It's important to read the "let me be clear" part of that sentence in your best Obama voice, since that's his favorite phrase.  Go ahead and do it now.  I'll wait.)  (Although, if Google glasses come out this year, I may change my mind and decide they are the year's best miracle.)  (Yes, that was two parentheticals and this is the third.  Deal with it.)

The miracle I'm referring to is the miracle of the Peanut Butter Egg.

Look at that precious little miracle

To understand this miracle, you first need to understand that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are among the world's most delicious treats.  (Almost up there with bacon.)

After understanding that first eternal truth, next you need to understand the miracle of the peanut butter ratio. I have no empirical data to back this up, but I'm convinced that the shape of the peanut butter egg allows a higher peanut butter to chocolate ratio.  In fact, I'm convinced the egg has more peanut butter than any other Reese's product and they've perfected the optimal ratio, making it even more delicious than its cup shaped cousin.

Look at all that Peanut Butter.  That's the magic of the egg.
Unfortunately, this year I'm trying to lose weight.  (The above picture is from a previous year's indulgence in the deliciousness.)  I've decided I'm only allowed to have a few of them on Easter Sunday.  But that will make the small indulgence even more enjoyable.  I will cherish every second.

I recommend that if you have one Easter treat, make it a peanut butter egg.  They are, in fact, truly awesome.  I mean look at the happiness they bring.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Pi Day! (and Saint Patrick's Day)

First: An update from the week before.  Last week was wild.  I had parent teacher conferences both Wednesday and Thursday.  That made two 13 hour days and talking to 28 sets of parents.  I caught a cold and then lost my voice from talking for 2 full days.  I had Friday off but crashed and burned into recovery mode.  I slept and took a lot of cold medicine.  My voice feels like it is almost back to normal and I am feeling more rested.

Second:  THE PARTY!

Every year Jeff and I host a Pi party in honor of 3.14159.... and the delicious pie that people make.  This year we had to have Pi day observed because we wanted to attend an adoption chat night on the actual pi day (3/14).

The winning pie was the top right pie.
We had friends and friend of friends come over and bring pies to share.  If the pie was homemade then it was entered into the pie baking contest.  This year was smaller then it has been in the past (one year we were on the news) but the winning pie was a pear caramel pie.  YUMmmmmmm!

This was at the end when I realized we didn't get a picture with all the people who came.  Oops, oh well.

It was a fun night with great friends and good pies.  I am excited to see what will come next year.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I am so happy to finally say that we are approved and ready to adopt!  We got the letter in the mail on Friday and I started crying.  It is real and it can finally happen.  We have wanted to start our family for so long and it has been a roller coaster ride figuring out all the emotions and paperwork.  We are so grateful for the blessings of adoption and we know that there is a plan for our family.  It will take a kind and loving person to help us with our journey and I hope they will always know how much we will love and appreciate the gift they will share with us.

We were also given the opportunity to take some new pictures this weekend for our profile.  We only have 6 edited but we will share more later when we get them back from out amazing friend Kayli (who took them for us)!

This one is my favorite! He is my hero!