Sunday, January 15, 2017


Our friend Jared invited us to go snowshoeing up Provo Canyon on Saturday.  We deliberated a bit because we've gotten a bit out of shape in the past year, but we decided to make a go of it.  We needed to get some exercise and we especially needed to get out of the inversion in the valley.

There were three couples going, so we got together in Orem and then carpooled up to Big Springs park where the trailhead is.  (Fun fact:  that trail is where Robyn and I got engaged.  But it was during the summer when you don't have to hike through 2 feet of snow.)

Since we couldn't all fit in one car we decided to do a boy's car and a girl's car.

Obviously, both cars did group selfies.  And both cars arranged the individual members of each couple the same way.

The majority of the trail had been packed down pretty good, which was nice because I'm fat and wouldn't be able to handle breaking new trail for very long.  Along the way much cuteness ensued.
There was loving.

And kissing.
And more kissing

This is what happens when you give Jackie your phone.

The Vincis make drinking water look precious.

Eventually we arrive in a beautiful meadow.
We make the meadow look precious.

You may notice that I'm wearing shorts.  Because..  well, I was kind of hot.  Plus I don't own pants.

After that we headed back down the mountain.  It was a great little excursion with fresh air, beautiful nature and great friends.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas/Vacation/New Year's Eve!

 Wow! Have I been a slacker! Apparently I have been having too much fun lately.  Well, here is a great photo dump that sums up our holiday season.

This year we stayed home and spent Christmas with Jeff's family.  We had our cute little tree set up and we had a cold and snowy Christmas morning.  We woke up early so we could open presents before going to church (I sang in a duet so I needed to be there on time).  We spent most of the day with Jeff's family and had a quiet night at home.  It was perfect!

Our Tree

Jeff bought me a Harry Potter jersey so I can wear a sports shirt to school on "Jersey Day". Can you see how sporty I am?

Jeff had a bunch of unused vacations days (use them or lose them sort of deal) and we had a buddy flight that was going to expire so.... we decided to go to Los Angeles the day after Christmas!  Here are just a few of the highlights from our getaway.

We went to Disneyland for two days.  One of the workers said that it is the busiest week of the whole year.  It sure was but we had a great time anyway.   (In front of It's a Small World)

Jeff surprised me with reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant.  That is the restaurant that is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  It has always been a dream of mine to eat there.  It was super fun and all that I had imagined.  Jeff is the best! 

Jeff bought a Star Wars hat and I wanted a tiara.  That just might sum us up in two head pieces.

After Disneyland we went on an adventure to Hollywood.  My niece lives there and we wanted to spend some time with her (she is pretty great).  She showed us around a bit.  

Jeff made her take an awkward picture with a blank star on the Walk of Fame (she wants to be an actress) to show where her own star will be someday. 


Well, we very well could not go all the way to L.A. and Hollywood and not go to Universal Studios and go see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter not could I?  It was another dream come true!  I am slightly obsessed with Harry Potter so I had a great time.  We ate at the Three Broomsticks and watched all the "magic" around us.
Hogwarts Express!

All Jeff wanted was to try some butterbeer.  It tasted better then I thought it would.


We flew home on New Year's Eve afternoon.  By then we were ready to sleep in our own beds.  We were happy to continue our tradition of eating new and strange foods for New Year's Eve (Try something new to start out the new year).  We had some friends come over to help us ring in the new year
This year we tried new kinds of cheese, Jeff tried honeycomb for the first time, and Bacon Hot Chocolate (It doesn't taste all that great).  We also tried quince and hand of buddha fruit.  Those tasted pretty good.
Here is the crew (minus Jeff since he took the picture)

Well, now it is a new year and we are back to our regular schedules.  It was fun to do something different but it feels good to be back to normal.  We look forward to what 2017 has in store for us!