Thank you for taking the time to stop by and get to know us.  We can’t even imagine the emotional roller coaster you may be on and wish only good things for you as you go through this journey.  We are committed to making child-centered choices for any children who come into our lives; this includes being willing to have an open adoption.   Open adoption to us means that we are open to many levels of communication, such as sharing e-mails, blog posts, Skype, or visits.  We are eager to welcome you into our family.  We know that it is better for children to have more people to love.

Robyn about Jeff:
Jeff is one of the most logical, funny, loyal, and smart people I know.  I was drawn to being his friend by his great laugh and his fascination with exploration.  I loved how knowledgeable he was and how well he could think through problems clearly.  Whenever I worry about things, Jeff has become a solid rock I can lean on.  He likes to remind me that if I can change something, then I should do it, and if I can’t, then there is no sense in worrying about it anyway.  He keeps me calm and laughing every day.  
My favorite story about Jeff’s childhood, gives you his personality in a nutshell.  As he was preparing to go into kindergarten, his mom told him that if he went to school, he could learn to read and would be able to read his dinosaur book all by himself.  Well, this made Jeff extremely excited about school.  However, he came home from his first day of kindergarten and declared loudly to his mother that he was NOT going back.  She asked him why and he replied with, “They did not teach me how to read, so I still can’t read my dinosaur book.”  Luckily his mom was able to convince him that it was going to take more than one day to learn how to read.  Jeff is now an avid reader and always has a good book to recommend.  I look forward to the day he can share his love of reading with children.

Jeff about Robyn: 
When I first met Robyn, I was immediately drawn to her love of reading and her desire to learn about the world around her.  As I got to know her more, I discovered that she has the kindest heart of anyone I've ever met and truly desires to serve others and bring happiness into their lives.  She always seeks to emulate our Savior in her life and in her actions.
One thing that has truly impressed me with Robyn is her gift with children.  She teaches 2nd grade and is amazing at it.  Although I don’t get to see her teach at school very often, we taught the 3-year-old class at church for 3 years, and I have been able to see for myself the way she is able to work true magic with children.  We had several kids who had various behavioral issues.  Not only was she able to correct those issues but the children loved her all the more for it.  Every week at church our former students seek us out, (but particularly Robyn) just to say, "Hi".  Robyn's gift with children has truly enriched their lives.
Robyn also has a fun personality that is truly unique.  We spend many of our nights laughing together as we joke and tell stories.  Robyn once told me a story from her youth that I think exemplifies who she is.  Her father was giving one of his "famous dinner time speeches" that she and her siblings learned to love and grow from.  He began to quote the famous saying, "There are three types of people in this world..." but he didn't get any further because 7 year old Robyn interrupted, "And I'm one of them!"  Robyn really is her own unique type of person.  If I were to make a list of the three types of people, Robyn would be one of them.  I love her all the more for it.

Who we are as a couple:
We met in our church group and became fast friends.  We were put on the activities committee together and found that we liked working together.  After spending more and more time together, we began exclusively dating.  After many months of ups and downs, fears and fun we decided to get married.  
We have loved being married and have had some great adventures. Some of our adventures have included traveling which we budget for about one week a year.  We have had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii and Europe so far.  We have also visited lots of places in Utah and California.  We both feel that traveling helps build cultural and family experiences that you can’t get any other way.  We hope to be able to share our love of the world with children someday.
Although we like traveling, most of the time we like to spend at home with our families.  Jeff’s family all live nearby so, we love to go to Sunday dinner with them and catch up on their lives.  Robyn has two siblings that also live nearby and we love to play games with them as often as we can.  We believe that family relationships are important to nourish.
Once again we want to thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives.  We wish you the best in making your decisions.  If you want to know more about us then please visit our profile at 

Robyn and Jeff

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