Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter! (a bit late)

Easter is one of my favorite holidays!  My grandfather was Russian (and Easter is a big deal in the Russian culture) so we always had lots of family around with lots of traditions.  My favorite one is Shashlik, or lamb skewers.  I have watched my grandfather, mother and brother all make the delicious dish every year, but I have never had to make it myself (one of the perks of having so many amazing cooks in my family).  This year Jeff and I decided to host Jeff's family for Easter.  This meant that I was in charge of cooking the lamb.  I was a bit nervous that I would ruin it and that Jeff's family wouldn't like the food (this was new to them).  Luckily my mom and brother were just a phone call away.
This is a picture of the finished product, just not mine.  It is from my brother because I forgot to take a picture of mine when it was done.  I told you he was good!



Jeff's mom helped me put the meat on the skewers.

Here is the table all set for the meal.

I had a wonderful time sharing my family tradition with Jeff's family.  Also, the good news is that I didn't ruin it and it tasted as good as ever!  I can't wait to try making it again next year!

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