Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just a Quick Trip

Last weekend Jeff and I took a quick trip down to Cedar City and Saint George.  Jeff's parents have a time share down in Saint George so we decided to spend a little time with them over the weekend.  Here are some of the highlights.

Jeff's brother is going to school down at SUU so we stopped off for the night and took him out to dinner.  He loves sushi (and so do we) so we went out for sushi.  We always like to try something new so we ordered an octopus and cucumber salad.  It actually tasted pretty good.
Here is Jeff eating the salad.  Pretty!

The next day we wanted to go hiking so we found a city trail that ran though Cedar Canyon.  It ran along the river and was beautiful.  There was a race that day and we were a bit in the way, but we were glad that we walked farther then the racers ran!  We were tough because we made it to the end. 

Along the trail there was a place to do some cross training so clearly I had to try it out.

Jeff's brother showed us around his campus and I even got to see the Adam's Theater.  It is a reproduction of the Globe Theater.  Sometimes I miss being on stage.

Jeff wanted to have another adventure of his own.  He had researched about these giant arrows and wanted to see one.  He took me on random dirt roads that didn't go anywhere.  Finally he had to get out and hike up a mountain to find the arrow.  I was not as interested so I stayed in the car and enjoyed his pictures later.

Well, once we got to Saint George it was rather late.  I did some shopping with Jeff's mom (I bought new running shoes!), went out for dinner and then went swimming in the pool.  The next day was Sunday so we just had a quiet morning at the condo before packing up and heading home.  It was a short, but sweet weekend.

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