Friday, July 18, 2014

The Family Reunion and My trip to Clovis!

Jeff wrote about how I was gone for a week, but he didn't say what happened at the family reunion the week before or what I was up to in Clovis, Ca (my home town).

My family was able to get together for a family reunion in Sundance, Ut.  We have not had everyone together for the past four years.  Since then we have had at least 7 new members added to the family (In one way or another).  It was so nice to be with all of my brothers and sisters again.  We always have so much fun when we are together.

We stayed in a HUGE cabin.  This is the theater room, where Jeff and I slept.  Jeff was happy that we got to sleep under a Star Wars poster.

Here we are playing Heads Up in the theater room.


playing by the river

I got to hold lots of squishy nieces and nephews! 

Me and my sisters! Look Ann has two hands! That doesn't happen too often with the twins these days.

Here is the whole family together!  We had a wonderful photographer who has done many of our other family events.  Here is her blog if you want to see more.

Well, after all the food, fun and family I was going to drive back to California with my dad.  My Mom was planning on staying with Megan (the VERY pregnant one in the picture) because she was due in the next week.  My mom was going to stay with her until the baby was born and then a few days after that to help.  That meant that my dad was going to have to drive back home by himself.  Driving alone for 13 hours is not a good idea, so I offered to go along so I could visit with friends and my Oma (grandmother, who is 94).  My oldest nephew, Alex, wanted to come too so we made it a road trip!  

The great news was that the morning we were to leave for California, Megan had the baby!  We were so happy that she and the baby were both healthy.  We made a quick detour and visited them at the hospital before we left.  I'm glad we were able to see them because otherwise my dad would not have had the chance to see his newest grandson before leaving for home.

My sister and her cute family!  This is just a day or so after the family reunion, good timing!

We had fresh fruits and veggies everyday.  Most of them were from my dad's garden, but we had to get some famous Fresno State corn! Mmmmmm!

We made a fresh peach pie with my dads peaches.

We also went to the Clovis Farmers Market.  That is one of my favorite summer activities.

We had so much fun hanging out.  This night we walked over to the frozen yogurt shop.

I had a lot of fun with my Oma too.  I don't know why I only took one picture of her and she would not be happy if I posted it anywhere other people might see.  She took us out to dinner and we went and got our nails done together.  I love my Oma so much, so I am glad I had the opportunity to spend a little extra time with her.  She seemed like she was feeling better, but at 94 we don't know how many more precious days we get to have with her.

Well, I flew home on Monday afternoon and got in late to Salt Lake.  I had a great time with my family but it was sure nice to be home and back with Jeff.

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