Sunday, August 24, 2014

More photos of what we have been doing!

I like to tell stories through pictures (If you haven't already noticed).  Jeff is much better at the writing part but I will sure try.

We have been pretty busy this month.  The good news is we have found some time to have fun too.  With the beginning of the school year coming I decided to invite my nieces over for a tea party.  My brother is a teacher too so I knew he was going to need a few moments to get ready for the school year as much as I needed it for my classroom. That is why I decided to have then over for the day.   I brought the girls to my house and we made tea hats, played croquet, ate some food and I drank some herb tea (the girls had lemonade and hot chocolate, I had them on hand because I had a feeling they wouldn't like the herb tea).  It was so much fun to just have a few hours to spend with them one on two.  They are really funny and I hope we try to do it again sometime.
Here we are sporting our hats that we made.  We called them fascinators.

The girls brought some of their stuffed animals to join our party.

What has taken almost all of my other time?  Well, I have been putting together my classroom.  I have made it through the first three days of school so far, but that means I have a long way to go.

My classroom book boxes.  It is a place for my kids to keep their books so they don't get lost or destroyed.

My classroom library

I was still filling their tote trays with school supplies and putting on name tags when I took this picture.
We have also been trying to get back to our normal eating routines.  After being away from home for so much of the summer it feels good to be back in my kitchen and being in charge of what I eat again.  We actually did pretty well with maintaing our weight but now we have to get back to the losing game.
Yummy brochette grilled on the BBQ to perfection!
Our last adventure was a hike up to Silver Lake.  Last time we tried this hike we found out that it was buried in a couple of feet of snow.  This time we actually made it to the lake and we were able to enjoy the beauty of nature.  
A view as we hiked up the mountain.

A view of the lake.
We have also been doing normal things like laundry, dishes, and mowing the lawn but we are happy being home and doing the things that we love.  I wonder what our next adventures will be?

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