Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Birthmother's Day

Ever since Jeff and I decided that adoption was going to be the path for us to grow our family we have celebrated Birthmother's Day.

Each year we have released balloons in our future birth mother's honor.

This year it didn't stop raining all day, but we didn't let that stop us.

The original plan was to release them together but it was so cold the balloons lost their lift.  We had to take them home and warm them up before we could release them.  We ended up doing the real release in our backyard.  It wasn't the picture perfect release I had in mind but what in life ever is as we picture.  Anyway I was just glad that it worked out and I could honor our future birthmother.  I pray for her ever day.  I pray that she will find peace, love and support in the adoption plan she creates.  I pray that I can be part of that support team.  I pray that we will learn how to communicate with each other so we can have an amazing open adoption. 

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