Friday, January 25, 2013

This is What an Inversion Looks Like

Monday was Martin Luther King day.  That meant that both Robyn and I had an opportunity to not go to work on the same day.

Unfortunately, Robyn was not feeling particularly stellar.  The air quality had been continually dropping.  It had gotten bad enough that Robyn had been having an allergic reaction to it.  Her nose had been stuffed up, and her throat hurt,  along with other unpleasant symptoms.  (Although she did gain the ability to sing bass, which is pretty cool.)

Like Dr. King, I had a dream.  My dream was to breathe some non-nasty air.  (My standards aren't too high, non-nasty is all I ask.)  I knew if we climbed high enough, we could find fresh air.  We hopped in the car, and started driving up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  I didn't really have a destination in mind, other than up.

As we drove up, it was like a miracle, Robyn's nose started clearing up, my eyes were less itchy, we both had bigger smiles on our faces.

We got up there and took a look back at the valley.

Ummmm... gross

It was amazing up there.  It was warmer, the air was fresher, the sky was blue.  (It had been so long since I'd seen blue sky, I didn't really remember how blue it gets.)

I didn't know that blue sky still existed in the world

Look at that happy face


Eventually we had to return to civilization.  That was the worst part.  Since we were no longer used to the smell of the nasty air, we immediately noticed how much it stinks.  I blame all you stinky people.

Robyn's nose and ears plugged right up and she returned to a state of sadness.

But don't worry.  We found something to bring us gladness.  We stopped at the Cheesecake Factory on the way home.  If we asphyxiate, at least we'll die with cheesecake in our bellies.  (Can you think of a better way to die?)

There are no words to describe the deliciousness.

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