Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Pi Day! (and Saint Patrick's Day)

First: An update from the week before.  Last week was wild.  I had parent teacher conferences both Wednesday and Thursday.  That made two 13 hour days and talking to 28 sets of parents.  I caught a cold and then lost my voice from talking for 2 full days.  I had Friday off but crashed and burned into recovery mode.  I slept and took a lot of cold medicine.  My voice feels like it is almost back to normal and I am feeling more rested.

Second:  THE PARTY!

Every year Jeff and I host a Pi party in honor of 3.14159.... and the delicious pie that people make.  This year we had to have Pi day observed because we wanted to attend an adoption chat night on the actual pi day (3/14).

The winning pie was the top right pie.
We had friends and friend of friends come over and bring pies to share.  If the pie was homemade then it was entered into the pie baking contest.  This year was smaller then it has been in the past (one year we were on the news) but the winning pie was a pear caramel pie.  YUMmmmmmm!

This was at the end when I realized we didn't get a picture with all the people who came.  Oops, oh well.

It was a fun night with great friends and good pies.  I am excited to see what will come next year.

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