Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Green Thumb

This weekend I finally got around to working on our grow boxes again.  We love fresh veggies and fruits in the summer and we didn't get to grow them last year because we were busy building the boxes and ran out of time to plant.  Well I'm determined to get things planted this year (and hopefully not kill any of it), but first I needed to build a green house top to keep the plants safe from snow.  My dad told me what to buy and how to build it.  I felt very handy and Jeff documented the event.  When I finished one (without the plastic on top so I can still plant later) Jeff proudly proclaimed that I had just built a great covered wagon!  Up until that point I did not realize that is exactly what it looked like.  I just hope this covered wagon grows good crops.  Here are some pictures Jeff documented for posterity.

All the seed packets we want to plant! We are a bit ambitious.

Love my power tools!

Isn't it such a cute covered wagon.

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