Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adoption/Birth Mother's Day Celebration Walk

Today is Birth Mother's day.  Before we started on this journey I had no idea that they had a day like this.  I think it is a great idea.  Well, the local FSA groups have an annual walk to honor adoption and especially birth mothers.  Jeff and I decided to go to show our support and send a wishful thought into the air during the balloon release.

During the event everyone walks around the track once in honor of or for future birth parents.  Jeff and I each got a balloon and walked around with everyone.  After we finished the track we joined everyone in the middle for the balloon release.  It was so beautiful to see all the colorful balloons being released.  I said a silent prayer for the future birth mother who will become part of our family (in addition to the one I say each day) and let my red balloon fly.

I hope that where ever she is she knows we think about her and pray for her often.  I pray she has people who love and support her.  I hope she finds peace. I hope she is healthy.  I am excited to meet her someday.

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