Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving photo dump

I had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.  I sat down to write about it and realized I didn't have one particular story to share, so I thought I would just give you a few photos of the festivities I participated in.

Some of Robyn's cousins were in town so we had a get together with them Wednesday night.  Some I had met before and others I hadn't, but it was lots of fun to spend time with all of them.

Since I've lost weight, I'm not as warm as I used to be.  I've found that my feet, in particular, get cold.  Thursday morning I was just sitting with my feet in the bath tub reading my Kindle.  Robyn thought it was amusing and snapped this pic.
This is me swinging on the swing in my Grandma's front yard.  Robyn was convinced I would break it, but I totally didn't.  I'm totally skinny enough to swing on a swing.

We went on a short walk/hike near my Grandma's house after Thanksgiving dinner.  Naturally, we took a selfie.

Just a view of the mountain on our walk.  The street where we were standing used to be wilderness when I went to Grandma's house as a child.

This is my cousin Jewell.  She's a crane.  That's what happens at Thanksgiving dinner.

When Jewell (The crane from above), was 4 years old, I mentioned that I though kisses were gross. (I've since changed my view on that.)  She insisted quite vehemently that, "Kisses are soft, okay?"  I made this with magnets on Grandma's fridge, to remind us all of that occasion many moons ago.

Robyn made a pumpkin pie from scratch! She roasted a pumpkin and everything.  That's how she rolls.

This was the entire crew gathered at my Grandma's house.  

This was my Thanksgiving dinner.  I know you were dying to know exactly what I ate.
It was a fabulous Thanksgiving.  What was your favorite part about the weekend?

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