Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm Feeling 32!

(Side note from Robyn: before you begin... Jeff had his birthday on Memorial Day this year.  He wrote this then, but I didn't post it until now.  I was going to write about his day, but Jeff is a much more entertaining writer then I am.  I just get to take credit for most of the pictures)

Sometime early this morning, I turned 32 years old.  I don't know the exact time, but if you'd like specifics you can call my mother.  The word on the street is that she was present at the time, and surprisingly enough, played a fairly central role in the proceedings.

I've been 32 for less than 24 hours, so I admit that my sample size is a little small.  But, from what I can tell, 32 is pretty awesome.  Based on my limited experience today, here is what you can expect when you are 32.

1. When you're 32, you don't have to go to work
2. When you're 32, you get breakfast in bed.

3. When you're 32, things like this will magically appear in your wallet.

4. When you're 32, you get to see a rattlesnake.
I know it's not a great picture.  Perhaps when you're 32, you won't be a good photographer.
5. When you're 32, you still have to watch your wife shop.
I told her I was documenting this, so you all know that I love her enough to go shopping on my birthday
6. At least when you're 32, your wife buys you a DVD in exchange for going shopping with her.

7. When you're 32, your wife will scream when she sees a lizard.  (I think it's a vocabulary issue.  She describes the lizard as "wiggly" which she appears to believe is a synonym of "scary".)

8. When you're 32, you get to see a pretty waterfall
This is Grove Creek Falls

9.  When you're 32, the river above the falls is even prettier than the falls.
Sorry the beauty is ruined by having me in the middle
10.  When you're 32 you get to have a picnic with your super cute wife.

11.  When you're 32, your wife will scream when she sees a rock.
        In her defense, she was a little jumpy after such scary things as a rattlesnake (potentially scary) and a lizard (not scary, but "wiggly"), and she insists there was something more than a rock, but I saw nothing.

12.  When you're 32, you receive great amounts of love on facebook.

13.  When you're 32, your wife does her best to make you feel special every second.

As you can see, being 32 is pretty awesome.  I highly recommend it.

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